bim services

About BIM technology
BIM technology (Building Information Modeling - information modeling of buildings and structures) is a technology for designing a 3D model of building objects associated with an information database, where each element of the model can be assigned additional attributes such as price, material, etc. Building information modeling (BIM) -based 3D design software such as Autodesk Revit combines architectural design, utility and structural design, and construction modeling. Designed for the design, construction and management of high quality, energy efficient buildings.

Karno Energy present you the benefits of using BIM technology for buildings:
•‎ Rapid response to changes thanks to fast intelligent processes
•‎ Obtaining comprehensive information and making informed decisions on the project
•‎ Consistency and consistency of data used when working together on a project throughout the life
•‎ Reduction of unplanned changes (up to 40%);
•‎ Reducing the overall duration of the project;
•‎ Comprehensive support in obtaining a certificate of sustainable development;

Karno Energy offer you only user-orientated solutions
While projecting Karno Energy's customers, architects, engineers, consultants and others are synchronously using a common data model to capture information and output rich data in real time. Karno Energy , design is carried out in a centralized building data model in real time, simultaneously by architects, structural engineers, building equipment engineers, planners and other stakeholders with the involvement of the customer. Contact our bim consulting specialists to reach based on the information needs at each stage of design, as our client you will be professionally notified how construction and operation are going, and how the data model is sequentially formed and filled with information. All departments work according to the same model, having up-to-date information at any time. After completion of the building and transfer to the customer, this data can be transferred to the structure maintenance department for the purpose of using it for management, maintenance and repair.